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How is property maintenance program works for investors?

1- Sign up with flat monthly fee only $69.00 a month . regular property management companies charges you % 10 of the rental amount. Example , If you rent your property for $1100 regular management companies will charge you $110 we charge only $69.00.

2- What is the difference ?

We do not collect any rent from the the tenants but we do monitor and make sire they make the paymnet to your account.

Any maintenance request will be handled by Spark Home Services, since we do not keep your rent or deposits we will communicate with the landlords and if they confirm the job and cost we will schedule with one of our team member to service the requested job.

3- Tenant screening , new lease , renewal of lease will be done with Yigit Orer REALTOR®

4- Notices from landlords to the tenants, from tenants to the landlords will be handled by Spark Home Services

5-Eviction services will be additional cost.


Spark Home Services provides skilled professionals specialize in everything from basic repair, plumbing, flooring, carpentry, installation tasks & painting. This covers small tasks – cleaning out a dryer vent to mid sized projects – Replacing doors or windows – To our larger projects – That includes bathroom, kitchen & full basement remodeling.

For residential clients we offer no charge quotes to our customers and do not charge trip fees. Basically, you pay us a flat hourly rate from the time we head toward your home…no hidden fees.

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